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31 05 23 - 17:23
Bobby Felix


Hello everyone, I’m Bobby Felix from Oakland, California.
A month ago, I invested $204,000 worth of bitcoins into an investment account through their website
When it was time to withdraw my profits which were at that time $719,000, their website crashed and logged me out, I sent countless emails and messages to them and the investment company became unresponsive. Realizing that I have been scammed of my money, I began to seek several means to get back my funds, I went to the authorities but they couldn’t trace or locate this company. At some point, I began to give up on the hope of ever getting back my funds until a colleague of mine told me about ASTRAWEB CYBER, a cryptocurrency recovery company that has been helping many others like me to get back their funds, I hurriedly contacted them and provided all the necessary information, and with the information I provided, ASTRAWEB CYBER was able to recover my $204,000 worth of bitcoins in 48 hours. Their service is truly magnificent and I gladly commend their efforts.
I never would have imagined I could get back my funds and I’m grateful to ASTRAWEB CYBER for their help.

Reach them via E-Mail: ASTRAWEB@CYBERDUDE. COM


Good luck.
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28 05 23 - 9:05
Martin Aidan

  I’m truly grateful for the service of the SpyWall Cryptocurrency Recovery Team. I never would have imagined that I could recover my stolen bitcoins and gain back access to my wallet after losing everything to a fake investment platform. It’s truly amazing the kind of service SpyWall provides, I was able to recover all that was stolen from me within 72 hours, SpyWall provides top-notch services and is very professional indeed. If you ever doubt the recovery of cryptocurrency once it is lost, I suggest you rethink and research more before losing hope. There are so many victims of cryptocurrency scams who concluded that it is impossible to recover their funds. SpyWall is here to provide that service for you. I highly recommend their services to everyone who wishes to recover any cryptocurrency

SpyWall can be contacted via their E-mail address: SpyWall@Techie . com

I'm truly grateful for their service and work ethics.
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27 05 23 - 5:31


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27 05 23 - 5:29
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25 05 23 - 10:30
Marie Bailey

  Review and contact the most honest and powerful spell caster called Dr Isikolo via website (
My name is Marie Bailey and all for good, i am appreciating Dr Isikolo who helped me with his great powers restored my home and the happiness i shared with my husband and its indeed something i am forever grateful for. It happened that i was helpless and downcast for almost a year when my husband left me due to marital issues we encountered. I did all i could to save my marriage and nothing worked until DR ISIKOLO came to my rescue. He helped me and the love and happiness i shared with my man was restored back and more amazingly. I know it sounds weird if truly he can help anyone but he is 100% guaranteed not to disappoint you when he assures you of having the desired results after 48 hours. He can help you too if you are willing to give him the chance to do so. email him now via: or text him on WhatsApp him on +2348133261196.
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22 05 23 - 4:12

  Earlier last year, I lost my bitcoins to thieves who pretended to invest the money for me so they could take it all. Before I invested my money, I chatted with this individual in person and even on the phone a few times, who claimed to be the company manager. Unfortunately, despite sending a whopping 23,000 dollars, I went for months without seeing even a glimmer of optimism. I had no notion that there was such a thing as recovery, and I've given up on getting even with them. After finding a website where I recognized that my case was still not lost, I promptly copied the contact information for (MARKWIZARD@SOLUTION4U.COM) and contacted them to report my coin loss. I owe everything to Mark Wizard Recovery Solution, they truly saved my life. They started the recovery process right away, and within 48 hours my assets had been completely retrieved. Contact Mark Wizard Recovery Solution on:
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21 05 23 - 2:14
Eric Scott

  I know it's hard to trust most of the hackers, when it comes to Bitcoin recovery. But for sure there are legit hackers, I will ever spread the good news of Francisco Hacker. When I lost my Bitcoin of $120k I almost ran mad until someone I know introduced me to Francisco Hacker who later helped me recover all my lost Bitcoin, this teams are very good at their job and reliable. I really appreciate their endless efforts. contact Email: Franciscohack(@)
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18 05 23 - 22:19
David Yax

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WhatsApp or call :+12059642462
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10 05 23 - 15:45
James Moi

  Goodday everyone, Have you been defrauded by deceptive scammers online? Are you seeking to recover funds you lost to online scammers and bitcoin investors? jamesmckaywizard and his great team of hackers offer all kinds of professional hacking services, kindly contact them today for all your hacking and recovery services today. University grades changing, Bank accounts, Erase criminal records, hack your cheating partner's Facebook, Twitters, Whatsapp, Email accounts, Website crashed, Skype hack Databases, hack Word Press Blogs hack Individual computers hack Control devices remotely hack Burner Number Verified Paypal Accounts. Any social media account. Android & iPhone.. Text message interception, Bitcoin recovery, Binary multiplication Credit score upgrade Track Calls log and Spy Call Recording. Monitoring SMS text messages. Cell phone GPS location racking. Untraceable IP etc. Contact them today via What'sapp: +919863293475 OR EMAIL:
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09 05 23 - 18:55

  Crypto Recovery: How to Recover Stolen Cryptocurrencies 2023.

Hello my name is Hervé Germaine,
I am writing to share a short testimony on how I recovered my assets lost to cryptocurrency theft and fraud. I was devastated when I realized that my cryptocurrency assets had been stolen by hackers. I thought there was no hope of ever recovering them until I heard about ultimate hacker Jerry, the best cryptocurrency assets recovery expert.

I contacted Jerry and he provided me with professional and efficient service that resulted in the successful recovery of my stolen assets. I am extremely grateful to him for his expertise and excellent service.

If you have also been a victim of cryptocurrency theft and fraud, I highly recommend ultimate hacker Jerry. He is the best in the business and he will help you recover your assets../

For more info:
Email: (Ultimatehackerjerry@ seznam. cz)
WhatsAp: (+1 5,2 Zero, 2 8 2,7151)
Mail; Support@

[ Hervé Germaine ]
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