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06 12 23 - 23:46
Frederic Conrad

My name is Frederic Conrad and I am so overwhelmed with joy due to the help of Adrian Lamo Wizard retrieve by recovering my stolen tokens from a fraudulent investment company. please people beware of this fake crypto investment company (https;// i had a fake telegram group admin contact me and gave me a sweet deal which was too good to be true but i was stupid and greedy to see through the scam all i could think of is the profit i was robbed of every penny i had , if not for the quick response ofAdrian Lamo Wizard Retrieve my life would have been ruined, i don't think their any genuine crypto investment company online please don't troll your money away with the intention of making huge profit it's all a scam thanks to Adrian Lamo Wizard Retrieve for coming to my rescue I will forever be in your debt God bless you for the good you do. If you invested in crypto and believe you have been scammed contact their expertise via on EMAIL: or Telegram: +31647921391

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